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Hi, I'm Tracey.

I believe small hinges swing big doors - in other words small changes can lead to huge transformations. I practice this belief every day working as a Holistic Health Coach.

I'm a passionate Holistic Life Coach, Health Coach, Certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach, and Personal Trainer based in Sydney, Australia, with a global reach through Natural High Health Coaching. 

My lifelong dedication centers on understanding what fuels individuals on their unique life journeys, encapsulated by the name, Natural High Health Coaching. I believe in Holistic Health, which involves the holistic well-being of one's physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions, encompassing self-talk, narratives, core beliefs, and those self-sabotaging patterns that affect our external world. It's also about exploring goals, lifestyles, habits, and values, ultimately shaping the future. I firmly believe in connecting these dots to create lasting, meaningful change. Every facet of our lives is interconnected, and changes in one area ripple through to impact the others. This is the holistic approach I take to help you live your unique Natural High. 

My career began as a Fitness Instructor, teaching classes and managing my own Personal Training business for over 15 years in various Sydney centers. I also shared my knowledge as a teacher at TAFE NSW, covering topics like Nutrition, Exercise and Disease, Gym and fitness instruction. 

My work and interests seamlessly blend, with my time devoted to coaching, researching, studying, and engaging in discussions that revolve around a multidimensional approach to empower my clients to live their unique Natural High, ensuring optimal health across mind, body, emotions, energy, and soul. 

My diverse and holistic approach to health and life coaching incorporates a variety of modalities and techniques. Through Health and Life Coaching, Theta Healing (energy healing and belief work), Eating Psychology, Neurotransformation Therapy (NTT), and my ongoing studies in Embodied Processing (focusing on nervous system regulation and trauma from a bottom-up perspective), I address my client's concerns and goals comprehensively. 


I'm excited to guide you on your journey to holistic health and personal transformation. Let's embark on this remarkable path together. 

So What does a Holistic Health Coach do?

A holistic health coach helps you look at your health from a big picture perspective. In today’s media saturated world we get hundreds of messages about our health, bodies, what to eat and how we should look and feel. 

Most of these offer quick fixes that help you lose weight and feel motivated  briefly... But the results are not sustainable and permanent.


A holistic Health coach helps you take into account your real life responsibilities, lifestyle and commitments so that you can shape a self-care plan that uniquely fits you.

Health is not a one-size-fits-all experience. There's a lot more to it then simply calories in calories out.  If that worked, it would have by now. Together we can realign your body, mind and spirit using powerful daily habits to get to the heart of the solution.

So how did I get here?


I’ve rebuilt my body, mind, soul and energy from the ground up. Like an avid (read mad) scientist I have performed one experiment after another to improve my life in ways that are small but have yielded big results.

But it wasn’t always this way. 'Life' happened and I moved away from my passion for a 10 year period moving in a different direction, one that didn't really do it for me.

I woke up one day and I was 50 and thought things have got to change.  I knew there was a better way to 'do' life. On the eve of my 50th birthday I had a strong desire to follow my gut wisdom and go back to what I was meant to be doing.  Helping other people feel good in their own skin and live a healthier life, holistically.

I began by strengthening my body calling on my years of experience as a personal trainer. But I knew something was missing. I changed up my nutrition but I still wasn’t quite there. It was when I started to work on myself holistically, on all levels, mind, body, emotions and soul - then it all came together.

Which brings me to you.

Having experimented, experienced and learnt how to change life holistically, I now want to support you to do the same.  We all deserve to feel good and to have the health, mindset and body we want.

I am here to help you put systems in place so you can achieve your goals and to support you in scaling any hurdles along the way.  I’ve got your back so let’s get started.


My Qualifications

  • Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

  • Certified Health and Life Coach

  • Theta Healer Level 1

  • Neurotransformation Practitioner

  • Timeline Therapy Practitioner

  • Registered Personal Trainer

  • Formerly - Wellness Coach for WW

  • Former TAFE Teacher for Cert III and IV in Fitness

My take on Coaching

I coach from the perspective that everyone is completely capable of shifting into the version of themselves they wish to.  I hold that vision for my clients as the backdrop in each coaching session.

Coaching holistically means looking into our  lifestyle, habits, behaviours, mindset and health as they connect the dots to what's really going on.

The way we do one thing in life, is the way we do everything in life.

From a health perspective, a coach from a 'non-diet' approach to weight and body image.  I believe there comes a time when we realise that yo-yo dieting doesn't work.

There is a better, different and more self caring approach - that is  - holistically, that takes into consideration the whole person.  Holistic coaching is not a quick fix nor a one-size-fits-all. Holistic coaching, is specific and unique to you and through my experience with clients, I have found it to be effective and sustainable.

My Philosophy

Change is an inside job.  

As human beings we are made up of several layers - all of which are equally as important as the other. 

The most important relationship you'll ever have is the one with self.  ​I believe to get the changes you want, having support to delve into and see what's happening in this relationship is the key to change.  The story we tell around our relationship with food, eating, body and mindset all comes from how we view ourselves. 

I take a non-diet approach to health as there is much more to weight, body image, eating behaviour and overall health then just food and exercise alone.

The way to lasting change is about taking small steps consistently, and with that, comes resilience.  

I believe we need to take into account all those parts of us as the backdrop to properly delve into our relationship to our health. From here we can facilitate the incorporation of a better, more aligned way of 'being'.

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