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I help clients release fears of weight and dieting battles, self-sabotaging patterns and how to achieve their goals in life, so that they can live joyful and empowered.


Positive Mindset

New Habits

Healthy Weight

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Feeling dis-empowered about your body image and endless dieting, hopeless and frustrated about unhealthy patterns you can't seem to break, hiding your body behind 'flattering' baggy clothes, self-doubt, anxiety, feeling disconnected and lonely...



Here is how you can shift your mindset, create new habits, maintain healthy weight and realise your personal goals in only 7-12 weeks without endless jo-jo dieting and falling into unhealthy patterns.

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Live Your

Natural High

7 Week Program

Move from negative narratives, limiting belief systems and sabotaging patterns to feeling the way you always wanted to, completely free to be you.

Happy Female Gardener

Healthy Body

the Healthy Way

12 Week Program

Let go of dieting consciousness forever, learn to trust yourself again and ditch the binge while building a joyful relationship with yourself.

I am Tracey Xuereb!

I am a Holistic Health and Life Coach with over 30 years of experience. I incorporate a variety of modalities and techniques, such as Theta Healing (energy healing and belief work), Eating Psychology, Neuro-Transformation Therapy (NTT), and my ongoing studies in Embodied Processing (focusing on nervous system regulation and trauma from a bottom-up perspective).

In addition I have rebuilt my own body, mind, soul and energy from the ground up. Like an avid (read mad) scientist I have performed one experiment after another to improve my life in ways that are small but have yielded big results.

I began by strengthening my body, drawing on my many years of experience as a personal trainer, changed up my nutrition, met myself emotionally and integrated my mindset with my spiritual beliefs.

Which now brings me to you. We all deserve to feel good and to have the health, mindset and body we want.

What If I Told You It Was This Easy?

Move from negative narratives, limiting belief systems, sabotaging patterns and negative body image to feeling the way you always wanted to, completely free to be you with a holistic relationship to food, your body and your health.



A relaxed interview in which we identify and document your concerns, conditions and underlying blockages that created the symptoms you're struggling with today.


Receive tools and techniques that address the causes of your symptoms and apply proven strategies, based on the science of epigenetics, to release the information of dis-ease.

Live Naturally High

 Restore a sense of safety and well-being within yourself while feeling yourself recover and your mind expand. Witness your body systems improving by the day.

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