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A holistic approach to Health, Mind, Body & Soul

From Struggle to Freedom

"You become what you believe."

Can you relate?

Common feelings

self doubt | self betrayal | failure | anxiety | overwhelm | shame | self judgement | guilt | fear | frustration | hopelessness | FOMO (fear of missing out) | embarrassment | angry | resentful | lonely | isolated | insecure | depressed | shame

"Our obstacles, be it mental, physical or emotional that have stopped us moving forward can be changed. It is entirely possible. Our past does not have to dictate our present." - Tracey Xuereb

Meet Tracey Xuereb
Founder of Natural High Health Coaching

Tracey is a passionate Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer with over 30 years experience. With her gentle and compassionate approach, she helps her clients see, feel, understand and heal patterns that keep them stuck in unhealthy habits, while empowering and equipping her clients with the right tools and clear strategies to shift and change what is no longer working for them.


A big part of her coaching approach is to teach her clients 'how' to be their own coach, fully equipped to thrive in life.

Achieve your health goals naturally with Natural High Health Coaching.


All sessions are available face-to-face or via phone, online video conferencing (Zoom or Skype).

Natural High Health Coaching is based in Wollongong, NSW Australia with a global reach.

"The body achieves what the mind believes."


"Tracey helped me to unlock my inner power and to take back control of my health. I had layers upon layers to peel back and Tracey was with me every step of the way with her gentle guidance and sharing of valuable knowledge and insights. It was 9 weeks into my weekly coaching that something big shifted and a life time of bad habits were able to be broken and replaced. Tracey helped me think about my health creatively and passionately and I enjoyed each and every session. If Tracey can help me, she can help anyone."


Certified By Accredited Training Providers

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