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What if you could live your dream life happily and successfully without being held back by self-sabotaging patterns, limiting belief systems and negative self-talk,
and finally be completely free to be you and do life
the way you always wanted.


  • You are afraid of failure and feel stuck in your current situation

  • You have a tendency to perfectionism and that sometimes leads to procrastination

  • You have a hard time trusting yourself and are riddled with self-doubt

  • You struggle with negative self-talk and always compare yourself to others

  • You are aware of the limiting beliefs you hold, which create barriers to achieving your goals, pursuing your dreams, and living a fulfilling life.
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In our current society, thriving and living a life of purpose is not something most aspire or are encouraged to do, as all working and education systems are simply not set up for it. In fact, they lead us further away from it. And herein lies the problem. Many, many people suffer from ongoing depression unable to shift out of it, lose their sense of purpose and belonging and fear living authentically.  This can lead to a chronic state of living in angst or anxiety.

"Feeling good  and living authentically is available to everyone.  We are more capable of change than we realise and I believe anything is possible."
Tracey Xuereb

imagine this...

What if I told you there was a better way?

Move from negative narratives, limiting belief systems and sabotaging patterns to feeling the way you always wanted to, completely free to be you.

NTT - Neuro-transformation Therapy

Neuro Transformation Therapy™ is a modality that works with the sub-conscious mind.  It is based on the latest neuroscience and NLP.  The processes and tools used in NTT   allow you to get to the core root of what is holding you back in your life. NTT is powerful modality and can be helpful for many of the common obstacles many people face around  depression, anxiety, shifting weight and habits like smoking, binge eating and drinking. 

Embodied Processing
Embodied Process is the bottom-up approach, meaning working somatically (in the body).  It is based in ancient healing techniques and neuroscience.   This modality is a gentle and safe way of working with trauma, low self-esteem, anxiety, addiction, depression and a myriad of other stress-related issues. Embodied Processing is a technique used to safely meet and digest unprocessed life experiences, which then has the ability to lift us up to experiencing higher levels of freedom within our physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological experience.


Timeline Therapy is a powerful therapy that can help with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions. TLT helps to release negative energy attached to past events such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt. It also eliminates self-limiting beliefs that hinder a person from pursuing the life  they truly would like to.


The Live Your Natural High 7 Week Program!

Move from negative narratives, limiting belief systems and sabotaging patterns to feeling the way you always wanted to, completely free to be you.

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 7 Private Sessions

  • 7 x 2 hour sessions per week, either online or in person that are tailored to your very own specific needs


  • All sessions are documented and all tools are supplied in PDF format via email after each session

  • A complete tool box of processes and strategies, taught during the sessions, are given at the end of the course


  • Regular SMS check-in and email support throughout the 7 week program

  • 1 x 30 minute follow-up each month for 3 months at end of program

Here's what's included:

 Gain complete clarity on how you truly want to live and what’s currently stopping you.  We create a map to move towards living & feeling the way you authentically want to.

I am Tracey Xuereb!

I help clients release the fear, shame and guilt around food and body image battles, self-sabotaging patterns, low self-esteem and self-doubt around their health and fitness.  .   I support and guide my clients to achieve their goals in life, so that they can live enjoy better health on all levels.
Over the past 30 years I have worked as a Personal Trainer and Holistic
Health Coach with over 30 years of experience. During this time I have witnessed my clients shift into who they truly want to be and live how they really want to live, improve their relationship with themselves, learn to trust their decisions and just enjoy feeling good in and about their body.
1x1 Coaching Tracey Xuereb.jpg

it's your turn...

To join this 7 week program!

7 x private and tailored sessions
SMS and email support

Detailed clarity call

Tools and PDF documents and processes




Join the program

and save $200.

(regular price $1977)



2 x $900

Join the program with two monthly payments and save $177.

(regular price $1977)

If you still have questions, or want to chat, please contact me anytime!

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