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Tracey Xuereb
Life Coach 

A Holistic approach to Health, Mind, Body & Soul

Meet Tracey

Online Life Coach - Tracey Xuereb

Tracey is a passionate Holistic Life Coach, Health Coach, Certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach, and Personal Trainer based in Sydney, Australia, with a global reach through Natural High Health Coaching. 


Her lifelong dedication centers on understanding what fuels individuals on their unique life journeys, encapsulated by the name, Natural High Health Coaching.


Tracey believes in Holistic Health, which involves the holistic well-being of one's physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions, encompassing self-talk, narratives, core beliefs, and those self-sabotaging patterns that affect our external world.


It's also about exploring goals, lifestyles, habits, and values, ultimately shaping the future.


Every facet of our lives is interconnected, and changes in one area, ripple through to impact the others. This is the holistic approach Tracey takes to help you live your unique Natural High. 

Her career began as a... [read more]

My Services

All sessions occur via phone, online video conferencing (Zoom or Skype) or face-to-face (depending on your location). I am based in Wollongong, NSW Australia and coach online with clients globally.

One 2 One Coaching

Bestie & Group Sessions

12 Week Healthy Body the Healthy Way Program

What My Clients Say

"Tracey helped me to unlock my inner power and to take back control of my health. I had layers upon layers to peel back and Tracey was with me every step of the way with her gentle guidance and sharing of valuable knowledge and insights. It was 9 weeks into my weekly coaching that something big shifted and a life time of bad habits were able to be broken and replaced. Tracey helped me think about my health creatively and passionately and I enjoyed each and every session. If Tracey can help me, she can help anyone."



"What stopped you in the past, doesn't have to stop you today"

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