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The most universal obstacle my clients face…

The most common, most universal obstacle, both men and women report in my health clinic is, taking two steps forward and three steps back. What I consistently hear is: “I’m so sick and tired of this.” “I’m getting nowhere.” “I’m stuck.”

When it comes to improving your health, weight, diet and general well-being, it is so important to focus on the long-term goals and if possible have a Holistic Health & Life Coach by your side to steer you in the right direction and to cheer you on.

Before my clients started working with me, they consistently ended up in the same old place and with each try going from diet to diet, ended up worse in terms of health and gaining weight. It becomes an emotional roller coaster and food turns into emotional eating and seems to wreck everything.

I hear my clients say “Just looking at food makes me put on weight”. At this point, their relationship with food and body has become a cycle of strain and frustration. Then the guilt kicks in because they basically are getting nowhere, which starts the emotional roller coaster all over again and the cycle repeats.

Can you relate? You too, probably downloaded apps, joined gyms or read numerous diet blogs and books. You probably also cut out certain foods or included supplements but still ended up in the same place.

You may go good for a little while, five or six weeks at best and do things a bit different each time but generally it's always the same approach. Then again, you find yourself emotional about the plateau you’ve reached, feel like giving up and the bingeing begins. A little bit of time will go by, you’ll get over your last experience and suppress the guilt, the shame, the self-mistrust, the frustration, the anger, the disappointment and you try again. And with each attempt, you break a little bit more inside.

So what is the solution?

  • Firstly, we have to change the approach. Because the same approach, brings the same results.

  • Secondly, we want to move forward in a realistic, enjoyable, doable way that not just focuses on shifting weight, but also levels up our overall well-being and mindset.

The ‘Everything or Nothing’ approach does not work. ‘Baby Steps’ however, is the way to go.

Baby steps may not look like you’re doing enough, however it will keep you on the journey for the long game, because you got to be in this for the long game.

We need to understand that the body does not like to be rushed, your digestion doesn't like to be rushed. Your physiology doesn't like to be rushed. Your nervous system doesn’t like to be rushed. Most of us are in a constant stress response rather than the relaxation response. A stress response equals an increase in cortisol levels, which increases belly fat storage or body fat storage and that brings the opposite result to what you actually want.

So how you feel about it, think about it, speak about it and go about your health and weight approach matters. But the approach is not physical and doesn't focus on the external (at first). The approach starts on the emotional level and your mindset with the focus on your internal well-being.

And that’s why, having a Holistic Health & Life Coach on your weight loss journey is a really good idea.

I hope this blog was helpful and offered some food for thought. No pun intended. ;)

If you're interested in trying out Holistic Health Coaching with me, please reach out. In a Free 45 Minute Initial Clarity Call, we can pinpoint where you’re at and draft some solutions for you to implement straight away.

In service to your health,



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